A  Voluntary Organization for  Integrated Professional Social Work         

Social Work Mission is a voluntary organization for integrated professional social work  in India registered  under  the Societies Registration Act. It aims at  a better society by empowering people at grass root  level through the professional social work methods and principles. The Mission is an alternative to establish the system of professional social work service and to promote social work voluntarism for the social work research, family counseling, community organization, social welfare administration, etc. in local communities.
Social Work Mission believes the dignity of  each human being and considers the protection and promotion of human rights as  the highest value mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It also upholds the principles of patriotism,  socialism, secularism, democracy, fraternity, and non violence for sustainable development and world peace.

The Mission also strongly believes that the scientific methods of professional social work can only make a society healthy and  can mobilize the people to protect their rights. The Mission is such a  movement of professional social work and dedicated to the nation to provide social, political, economic, cultural and spiritual well being of the people.

   Community Organization  by the trained and dedicated social workers aiming to the  holistic development  of each individual in a community.

  Social Work for Community development with Human rights perspective through professional social work methods and principles.

  Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings everywhere be happy and free).

   1. To establish professional social work centers at grass root level.
2. To make all the people able and take part in the social development programme of the nation.
3.  To strive to protect the basic rights of  each and every citizen of the nation.
4. To start relevant welfare projects according to the needs of the local communities.
5.  To take part in all social development programmes and projects of all our democratic governments.
6. To find out dedicated trained social workers as volunteers for the Mission and form their federation in India.

Our Areas of Work
1.Social Work Research and Development
2.Family welfare programmes.
3. Human Recourse development training programmes.
4.Youth welfare programmes.
5.Child Development Programmmes.
6.Counseling & Psychotherapy  Services.
7.National Integration Programmes.
8.Awareness Programmes on Democracy.
9.Environment Protection Programmes.
10.Inter-religious  Fellowship.
11.Promotion of Arts, Culture and Literature of local     communities
12.Organize  Extra -curricular activities in Schools and      Colleges
13.Take part in developmental projects for Model               Villages
14.Take part in the relief programmes  during calamities.
15.Social Development news Services

1.   Social Work Research and  Project Development.
2.   Identification of  committed & trained Social Work  Volunteers and form their  federation.
3.   Support community based programmes and projects of Local self Govts.
4.   Form/strengthen Citizens’ Forums at local communities.

5.   Establish Community Social Work Centers.

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