Professional social work is a multi-disciplinary service. But it is  young profession in social service field. It needs further experiments for its development and identity in India where traditional and part time social work is prevailing. Social Work Mission is the  result  of such experiment by some of dedicated social workers in India.
 It is  formed after a long process of identifying the ideal persons from different parts of India.   It is also  the culmination of various  needs raised in professional social work fields. They are; (1) need of an agency of promoting  integrated and scientific/professional social work service at grass root level in the society, (2) need  of an agency for promoting dedicated leadership from  social scientists and  social worker practitioners, (3) need of an agency that prompts its name itself is  social work, (4) need of an agency of  secular and universal nature   to unite the people and to replace the traditional/unscientific leaderships which  have the tendency of dividing the people in the name caste, religion, party politics etc.,  (5) need of an agency to challenge some of existing fraud  agencies  which are not accountable to the people, and (6) need of an agency that  provides job opportunities to  maximum  number of social work practitioners.

Social Work  Mission strongly believes that the scientific methods of professional social work can only make a society healthy and  modern. The Mission claims that the professional/scientific approach in social
service can  provide  a  complete  solution for  all problems in the
society. The profession  can mobilize the people to protect their rights and  to remove all the divisive powers that hinder  their development and unity.
Further, the Mission upholds the principle of result oriented social service depicted in the proverb  quoted below;
  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish      and               
you feed him for a lifetime”.   
The Mission  is such a  movement by  trained social workers and it  is dedicated  to our society and to all our democratic governments. We sure  that this website will help its members and the well wishers to identify its paths and to take part in further development of the Mission on the way to build a better society.

Swr. Suji Sathya

Social Work Miission

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